Rock Port Papik: After five years washing and cutting hair Terri knew how to massage a head.

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Just wondering if, even if you are 21 and handsome with a full head of hair and six pack abs, you post a picture with you grabbing your crotch, anyone really replies to it? Is 3 to nothing really worth staying up and watching the second half of another bad Cowboy game? Does it really matter who sends who a picture first? Why I didn't have dinner with who I was supposed to have dinner with tonite? Why did Debra do what she did on January 19, 1999? If God knows everything, and he created us, is there free will? Will tequila make my bad knee stop hurting? It didn't work tonight. Is there really even a hint of sincere socio/political sentiment in the Tea Party or if it's just largely comprised of overweight middle to upper middle class white males who didn't like the fact that their dads were forced to eat at their lunch counters with people of color by the federal government? Wondering whether women really believe they are all that much more honest than we are? Can I be forgiven for the broken promises of the past, if I'm willing to forgive the forgiver for the same? Will I ever stand in line for another movie like The Exorcist? Will I ever be as scared as I was in Jaws? Will I ever believe and accept that Darth Vader is really Luke Skywalker's father? And was there ever a better line in a movie than that uttered by Robert Duvall at the end of Tender Mercies You see, I dont' trust happiness. I never have and I never will. Is there anything more beautiful than Texas Wildflowers in the spring? Unless it's my granddaughter sitting in them with just enough hair now to make a bow? And will I see her again, or did I screw things up with my daughter too because of the divorce. Who is more clueless? Republicans or Democrats? Or is it Pat Robertson. When I was in the first grade, I heard a nun tell me that if I listened hard on Christmas night I'd hear the angel choirs singing. I heard them that night. Haven't heard them since. And I wonder if I ev

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