Capari Barclift: Not uncomfortable enough to leave, I noted to myself with a grin.

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I scrolled thru the city's website looking for city sponsored things to do. I like getting a little something for some of my tax dollars. I saw the Open Space geocaching event. Perfect. I know a bit about geocaching and this event says it's good for beginners. A celebration of Public Lands Day happens every September. Hmm. Aren't public lands always public? I feel a trip to REI coming on. I walked into REI and saw you. You looked to be in pretty good shape but maybe not quite where you wanted to be. Nothing like looking at pricey gear to inspire good intentions. You had on hiking boots and shorts good start. Your hair was graying and neatly trimmed. You looked to be between your midfifties to early sixties. A man who's been there, done that and wants to keep on doing it. You smiled. Wow. A hint of a dimple and a grin that could be seductive. I smiled back but did not hold your gaze. You were adorable but probably thought you were ordinary. I was looking for a telescoping walking stick. I had overtwisted mine to the point that it refused to hold. I wanted one that had locking clips. I'm not a strong hiker but I continue to work on it. I feel like I appreciate the beauty around me more when I'm on foot. You came up from behind and startled me and I dropped the stick I was checking out. I'm sure I blushed because you looked amused as you handed it to me. You reached over me and picked up The Mountains of New Mexico by Bob Julyan. I said I'd heard him talk about place names in New Mexico. You nodded. You said the book was a gift for a friend. I saw you had the printout of events at REI and had circled the geocaching event. I asked if you were planning to go. You said you were thinking about it. I said I was too. You smiled. I wasn't sure about the walking stick. The feature I wanted only seemed to be on the ones that were a trekking pole set. I asked what you thought. It wasn't something you knew much about. I figured I'd do little more research before I bought.

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